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How Much Can You Get on a Personal Injury Claim in Missouri After a Commercial Truck Hits You?

Getting in a truck accident is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to any pedestrian or driver since they are most likely to get a severe injury or even die in the process.

Regardless of the injury that the victim gets, surviving the accident still leaves victims with all the medical expenses they will need to pay if they want to recover from what happened. Undergoing medical treatment after an accident is not inexpensive at all, and it’s something many are not prepared to cover.

Thankfully, the law protects people who get into truck accidents from the negligent actions of another driver, so they can always file a personal injury claim for the other party to pay the victim the compensation they deserve for what happened. That compensation is meant to cover things such as medical bills.

Anyone looking forward to learning how much they can get from a personal injury claim after a commercial truck accident can read this article to do it! The Powell Law Firm also has excellent personal injury lawyers, so people in need can also schedule a free consultation with it to discuss the best strategy to win their case.

How Do Personal Injury Claims Work in Missouri?

How Do Personal Injury Claims Work in Missouri?

Before understanding how personal injury claims work, people first need to know what a personal injury is. Personal injuries are more of a legal term than a medical one since it represents any economic and non-economic damage people receive due to the negligence of another person.

There’s always someone liable for truck accidents, and the victims of that accident can sue that liable party to get compensation for what happened. Therefore, what victims need to do is hire a lawyer to handle all the paperwork and file the claim.

When that happens, the other party can respond to it and start the investigation of the case. Both parties can either settle everything by themselves or go to trial. Most cases end up in an agreement that is beneficial for everyone involved in the case.

What Do Victims Need to File a Personal Injury Claim?

The only thing victims of a commercial truck accident need to file a personal injury claim is a personal injury lawyer who can file the claim and take the case and enough evidence to prove they are not liable for what happened. Personal injury lawyers are also in charge of collecting that evidence.

How Much Compensation Can Victims Get from a Personal Injury Claim?

Everything depends on the details of the case and the type of personal injuries victims suffer from. Medical malpractice cases, for example, can even get to $400,000. However, the average car accident settlement in Missouri is between $3,000 and $15,000.

Economic damages, non-economic damages, and pain and suffering are the most determinant factors to see how much compensation victims get after a case. Here is a brief explanation of them:

Economic Damages

As its name suggests, economic damage refers to something that will directly cost people money, such as medical bills or loss of income. Repairs and replacements also fall under this term.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are something that goes beyond monetary losses and affects victims on a subjective level. Things such as emotional distress and suffering are non-economic damages. Pain and suffering counts as non-economic damage, but since it’s a complex term, it will be explained individually.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering in a personal injury case represent all the physical and emotional pain the accident made the victim go through. Lawyers and insurers have specific methods to calculate how much compensation pain and suffering is worth, but it’s something that almost always makes the compensation go way higher than it would be without it.

Where to Find Decent Personal Injury Lawyers in Missouri

Regardless of how much compensation victims get after a commercial truck accident, they will get nothing if they don’t win the case, so they need to hire a lawyer ready to give their all for a fair settlement.

The Powell Law Firm has experienced and qualified truck accident lawyers in St Louis MO for the matter, so they are a more than excellent option for the job. They can help address other truck-related concerns such as what can a dump truck haul in Missouri or how high can one lift a truck in Missouri.


Commercial truck accidents are something catastrophic, and no one should go through them. Hence, the least victims can get is funds to pay for their medical treatment. The Powell Law Firm aims for getting compensation as a top priority, so victims of truck accidents can call anytime they want to get a free consultation for their case.

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