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What Disqualifies You From Getting a CDL in Missouri?

It goes without saying that all states, including Missouri, require a commercial driver’s license for those that want to operate commercial motor vehicles. But, unlike other states, Missouri has special requirements for obtaining a CDL. In fact, if a driver doesn’t comply with CLD rules, they will be disqualified. This article will take a closer look at how the CDL process works and what can get a driver disqualified.

Why Does Missouri Require a CDL?

Why Does Missouri Require a CDL?

The degree of skills and knowledge required to drive commercial vehicles differs from driving a personal passenger vehicle. That’s why states like Missouri require CMV drivers first to obtain a CLD, no matter if they want to drive a school bus, charter bus, or semi-truck.

However, there are certain exceptions, especially for farmers who need a CDL in Missouri.

What Disqualifies Someone From Getting a CDL?

Since the skill gap between commercial and personal vehicles is so large, the requirements for a CDL are very strict. As a matter of fact, the bar is so high there are a few situations, such as excessive speeding and other traffic violations, which disqualify people from getting their own CDL.

Driving Without a CDL

Driving a commercial vehicle without a CDL will disqualify drivers from getting one later down the road. That also applies to people whose licenses are canceled, suspended, or revoked. It’s also important to mention that, even if a driver owns a CDL but doesn’t have it with them when pulled over, they might face charges and have their license revoked.

Excessive Speeding

Going over the speed limit in a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) can cause the driver to lose their CDL or prevent them from getting one in the future. However, this only applies while driving a CMV. In other words, if a driver exceeds the speed limit in their personal vehicle, they won’t lose their commercial driving license unless they cause an accident.

Texting While Driving

Using an electronic device while driving will result in disqualification. This applies even if the driver is waiting at a red light. And depending on the specifics of the situation, the driver might even lose their regular driver’s license.

Improper Traffic Lane Changing

Drivers need to pay additional attention when changing traffic lanes to avoid disqualification. Also, they need to check the vehicle’s blind spots, respect no passing zones, and signal before changing lanes. Furthermore, reckless driving is not acceptable for a CMV driver and will result in disqualification.

Negligent Driving Resulting in Casualties

If a driver partakes in an accident that results in casualties, they can be disqualified from getting a CDL. But that depends on whether the driver has been driving negligently.

Leaving the Scene of an Accident

Generally speaking, leaving the scene of an accident is illegal for all drivers. Yet, circumstances are even worse for current and future CMV drivers, as the law holds them to higher standards. Not only can leaving the scene lead to disqualification, but also legal charges depending on the conditions of the accident.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving any vehicle while under the influence is illegal. But standards are even tighter for CMV drivers. More specifically, the legal limit for alcohol is reduced to a BAC of 0.04, which is only half of the legal limit for any other driver. That applies to anyone who has a CLD, even if they are driving a personal vehicle. Getting caught can result in the suspension of a CDL. Furthermore, it can prevent drivers from trying to obtain one again in the future.

Refusal to Take an Alcohol Test

In most states, including Missouri, the authorities will assume that people who refuse to take an alcohol test are under the influence. As a result, drivers can have their license revoked and won’t be able to apply for a CDL until the charges have been cleared.

Using Vehicles for Illegal Activities

Generally speaking, if a driver has received any conviction for using a vehicle in the distribution or manufacture of drugs, they are permanently disqualified from getting a CDL. The same practice is employed if they use a commercial vehicle in the commission of a felony.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that driving a CMV is a big responsibility. Thus, it’s no wonder why there are so many ways one can get disqualified from applying for a CDL.

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