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What Kind of Cases Do Personal Injury Lawyers Handle?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

There are a variety of issues that can lead to a person seeking a personal injury lawyer. Nowadays, people understand that lawyers can help them receive their compensation. In this case, Powell Law Firm offers the client an opportunity to express themselves and obtain their remittance as the law states. Several injury cases form and call for an experienced personal injury attorney. It is, however, ideal for clients to seek a professional lawyer from Powell Law Firm to help in handling related personal injury cases.

Common Personal Injury Cases

Common Personal Injury Cases

Currently, various cases fall under personal injury law. Discussed below are some prominent injury cases that Powell Law Firm handles:

Motor Accident Cases

Motor accidents are common incidents that happen almost every day all over the world. Some of these cases are out of driver's negligence, not following road regulations, and other critical motor issues.

In many cases, a careless driver is held responsible for the injuries and damages. Victims can get compensated by the driver's insurance company. After getting involved in an accident, contact one of the Powell Law Firm injury attorneys to advise on the way forward.

Ensure to gather some security camera footage, photos of the vehicle, and possibly an eyewitness statement. The collected data come in handy as evidence of the incident. The personal injury attorney offers assistance in keeping and presenting the evidence in a court of law.

Dog Bite Liability

The law regarding a dog bite varies depending on the country, state, or city. There are, however, strict liability measures taken when a person gets attacked by a dog. In most cases, the dog owner falls financially responsible for treating and compensating the victim.

Regardless of what the owner thinks about the case, he/she is by law entitled to compensate the victim. Though some dog bites are out of simple negligence, St Louis personal injury lawyers can take over the case to ensure the patient gets the ideal care.

Sexual Violence

First, any form of assault whether rape or child abuse, is a crime. Sexual assault is becoming a common thwart that people are dealing with daily. The aspect of having a civil action towards handling this matter is vital by law.

Unlike other cases, a personal injury lawyer helps the victim receive assault remittance. In most cases, the accused should take care and handle all the costs incurred during treatment. These costs may include medical bills, rehabilitation fees due to emotional trauma, and physical injuries.

Assault cases are demoralizing, shameful and may cause anxiety to the victim. An experienced personal injury attorney from Powell Law Firm offers guidance on ways to handle the situation.

Work Accidents

At times, accidents are unpreventable, but what happens if a worker gets injured in the line of duty? Workers are entitled to get compensation after getting injured while working. This compensation comes in hand in seeking treatment, sustainability during the recovery period, and pain and suffering compensation.

Through the bodily injury and personal injury lawyers at Powell Law Firm, workers receive their remittance from the employer. In instances that the victim is permanently injured or temporarily disabled, the compensation deal becomes stiff. The insurance company has to fully compensate the victim on the employer's behalf.

In cases where a person is injured by a colleague, the victim's injury lawyer helps in getting the ideal compensation. Some common work-related injuries include:

  • Construction injuries

  • Heavy machinery use injuries

  • Logging injuries

  • Coal mining injuries

  • Power lineman injury

Premises Liability

One of the leading personal injury cases is premises liability. Many property owners have been reluctant in following building quality assurance measures. Due to this negligence, innocent tenants fall victim to various dangerous situations. A personal injury attorney may hold the property owner responsible and should compensate the victims. Some of the situations that require legal intervention in dealing with premises liability are:

  • Hazardous gas

  • Slip and fall cases

  • Swimming pool accidents

  • Poor or faulty wiring

  • Security negligence

Finally, an accident is a traumatizing experience that leaves many people injured or emotionally drained. With Powell Law Firm’s personal injury lawyers, clients can receive their compensation as desired. A reputable personal injury lawyer hastens remittance procedures and helps the victim make impactful decisions.


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