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Is It Worth Getting a Lawyer for a Car Accident?

Car accidents can leave the victims with devastating problems. When someone finds themselves in such an accident, they often don’t know what to do. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of everything that takes place. In fact, some people take actions that limit their chances of getting a fair claim.

The burning question is, is it worth getting a St Louis car accident lawyer for a car accident? In essence, the short answer would be “Yes.” An attorney helps the victim to figure out the damages they are eligible to collect. When a car accident happens, reach out to a car accident attorney from Powell Law Firm for help.

What Can a Car Accident Attorney Do for You?

What Can a Car Accident Attorney Do for You?

These professionals can help accident victims to:

Map out possible future expected medical costs: Car accidents can cause some injuries that may incur future medical bills. These costs need to be covered in the claim. A lawyer from Powell Law Firm can help to figure out these numbers.

Claim for lost wages: The accident may leave the victim unable to work for some time when recovering. In these cases, the person needs to be covered during this period if they’re receiving medical care.

Prepare a claim for pain and suffering: Since most car accident victims may not have the knowledge to claim for pain and suffering damages, a lawyer steps in to help.

File for punitive damages. At times, an accident victim may want to take further action against the driver. If it is established that the driver was malicious and reckless, a lawyer can sue them in court.

Claim cover for reduced earning capacity. A car accident may incapacitate a victim so that they can no longer function normally. An attorney from Powell Law Firm can help to claim for such damages.

How Can a Lawyer Help in a Car Accident Case?

Serious car accidents with extensive - and possibly permanent - injuries need a lawyer. They protect the victims from present and future damages linked to the accident. There are many ways an attorney can help to win a car accident claim. Below are some of those ways:

Claim Negotiations

Facing an insurer alone for a claim can be tricky. It is possible not to obtain a proper settlement, if at all. The insurance company puts up a fight to keep the claim low or deny it entirely.

A professional legal representation from Powell Law Firm may be needed in those cases. They step in to handle tough claim negotiations on behalf of the accident victims. It is their role to make sure that the victim gets what is due to them.

Accurate Damage Calculations

Most car accident victims don’t know how to calculate damages after an accident. In fact, most of those who go through a lawsuit alone end up with a raw deal. A lawyer can assist the victim in calculating all their costs and damages. The calculation ensures that the negotiated settlement covers all the financial liabilities.

A car accident attorney from Powell Law Firm knows how to rate economic and non-economic damages. The calculated claim covers one's costs without having them go into their pockets to cater for any damages resulting from the accident.

Court Representation

Many car accident cases get settled out of court, which may lead to low settlements. Sometimes, adequate compensation is received through a personal injury lawsuit. Yes, it is possible to represent oneself in court, but it can leave the victim vulnerable to bad outcomes if they don’t know how to defend themselves.

A defendant's lawyer may take advantage of the absence of a legal representative. In any case, the accident victim risks losing the case on procedural or technical grounds. A professional lawyer from Powell Law Firm can help a car accident victim to handle such a case. They build up a good case and offer adequate representation.

Give Legal Advice

Since laws differ in states, hiring an attorney helps victims to understand what applies to their case. They advise on statutes of limitations to make sure a case is filed on time. With this guidance, a car accident victim avoids filing their case past the deadline.

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