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Where Can I Get a State Inspection on My Truck in Missouri?

Missouri has specific regulations for trucks. The laws ensure that these large vehicles safely use roads. Truck drivers and owners put other road users at risk when they fail to comply with these regulations.

Statistics show that injuries and deaths in truck accidents often relate to the people in the other vehicle. That is why the state holds truckers to higher standards.

Trucks are supposed to pass state inspection in Missouri.

What Is a State Vehicle Inspection?

What Is a State Vehicle Inspection?

A state inspection ensures that a vehicle has all the features that make it safe for its driver and other road users.

There are several state-approved inspection stations in Missouri. These are certified technicians with special training and equipment who perform a comprehensive inspection of vehicles.

Ensure your truck is in excellent shape and that you are also not breaking any laws.

How Often Should Trucks Get Inspected in Missouri?

Missouri state requires that truck owners have a licensed service inspect their vehicle once every two years. Usually, the model year of the truck gives a hint on when this should take place.

There are some exceptions to this rule. A truck is exempted if it is less than 10 years old and has traveled less than 150,000 miles. Even though it is not compulsory, owners are advised to do it anyway.

Owners should remember that the 10 years stated is assessed from the vehicle’s manufacturing date, not how long they have had it. Strangely, trucks manufactured more than 25 years ago are also exempted.

Trailers or RVs with a gross vehicle weight of more than 8,5000 pounds are also exempted from this requirement. Missouri doesn’t require motorbikes and dirt bikes to undergo inspection.

Trucks that have traveled less than 40,000 miles since their last inspection are also exempted.

Drivers should contact a truck lawyer to help them understand some of these exemptions and other truck laws in Missouri.

Does Missouri Require an Emissions Inspection?

An emissions inspection is not determined at the state level. Whether or not a vehicle should pass this inspection depends on the county it is in. While others ignore it, counties such as St. Louis require that each car passes an emissions inspection.

What If the Vehicle Is Registered Outside Missouri?

Even if a truck was registered outside the state, Missouri still requires confirmation that the title matches the vehicle in question. The driver should visit any licensed inspector to verify their details.

Can a Truck Get Inspected Outside Missouri?

Vehicles that are registered in Missouri can get inspected outside of the state. Truck owners should send a notarized affidavit to the state when it's time for inspection. This should explain why the vehicle can't be present. It should also provide evidence that the truck will be inspected there.

What Do Mechanics Check During an Inspection?

Truck inspection in Missouri evaluates the following:

  • Steering

Inspectors ensure that worn-out parts are replaced. Steering failure is dangerous when the truck is in motion.

  • Brakes

Mechanics ensure that brake pads and rotors are not worn-out. They also check for fluid leaks and brake response.

  • Tires and Wheels

The most important thing is to check if the tread is worn down. Technicians look for defects such as dry rot or bubbles that may cause accidents later. Spare tires are also inspected.

  • Exterior Lights

Vision is most important for drivers, especially at night. Inspectors ensure that headlights, hazard lights, turn signals, and tail lights are all in excellent condition.

  • Mirrors

Mirrors help drivers to see everything around them. Technicians check to see if trucks have all these in place.

Mechanics check these and other attributes of the truck before providing a verdict.

What Happens If a Truck Fails a Missouri Inspection?

Owners of trucks that fail the Missouri inspection should get mechanics to help solve the issue as quickly as possible.

Truck drivers risk getting tickets if their faults are not fixed immediately.

Owners of trucks that fail emissions standards inspections have 60 days to fix the issue or risk having their registration suspended.


Trucks that don’t follow the state inspection guidelines can be sued for negligence when involved in a crash.

A person, who sustains injuries and other losses from a truck accident, deserves compensation. Powell Law Firm has experienced St Louis MO truck accident lawyers ready to help these victims file their claims. They can also help address concerns such as how far can something stick out of a truck in Missouri before it needs a red flag or where in Missouri can you legally park your semi truck to rest.

Call us at (314) 470-1374 or visit our office in St. Louis.

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