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What Happens if Someone Crashes Your Motorcycle?

Let’s say that someone purchases himself the latest released motorcycle of his favorite brand. He only drove it for only several times. His neighbor asked him if he could try driving his bike around the neighborhood. After five minutes, the owner figured out the worst thing that could happen to his bike.

Well, the worst scenario actually happened. If the neighbor bumps someone using someone else’s car, the car owner will be on the hook. This is because the car owner’s insurance company will be the one responsible for paying all the damages done. It is important to know how to position yourself on a bike to be seen easier.

This is the main reason one should think multiple times about whether to allow someone to use his car. If someone used someone else’s bike and got into an accident, the owner will handle all the issues and fees associated with the accident. Aside from having a bad record in the driver’s insurance company, his rates will also increase in just an instant. As a result, the driver needs to hire a St Louis motorcycle accident lawyer to handle and fix the problem.

What if the One Driving Other Driver’s Motorcycle Has Insurance?

What if the One Driving Other Driver’s Motorcycle Has Insurance?

When it comes to third-person driving situations, the car insurance company will always consider the motorcycle policy first. If the damages caused by an accident exceed the limit of the policy, the remaining damages will be handled by the personal insurance company of the one driving the car.

Let us make a sample scenario:

A driver lends his car to his friend. His friend gets involved in an accident using his car and has caused extreme body injuries. The other driver claimed 200,000 US Dollars for the damages.

The policy of the bike’s owner has a limit of 100,000 US Dollars. It shows that the remaining 100,000 US Dollars will be paid by the insurance company of his friend. Their policy will require them to pay the 100,000 US Dollars left.

Let us say that the policy limit of the other driver is 50,000 US Dollars. It only shows that the damages have a remaining 50,000 US Dollars unpaid. The victim can sue either the person driving the motorcycle or the owner of the bike to determine who is responsible for paying the 50,000 US Dollars left unpaid. This situation will put the bike’s owner in a complicated situation.

What To Do if the Bike’s Owner Get Sued for the Accident

What To Do if the Bike’s Owner Get Sued for the Accident

Let us consider the example above. The owner of the motorcycle will be sued for the unpaid 50,000 US Dollars. The other driver will most likely file a case against the driver and his friend. In case they did not file any case, the owner’s motorcycle accident lawyer will bring them in.

The other driver involved in the accident doesn’t care who will pay the unpaid 50,000 US Dollars as long as they will receive a payment. If the owner is seen for having a higher income than his friend, then the other driver will probably make him the target. Their attorney is more likely to go after a person with bigger money in their banks. In this case, this happened to be the bike’s owner.

When the accident involves serious personal injury, the owner’s house or his other assets might be at risk. If the complainant wins the case against the owner, there will be a charge to the owner’s property (house).

Instead of letting this situation happen, the best thing that the owner can do is to settle the problem. No one wants to lose their assets and spend a huge amount of money because of an accident caused by someone else.


If someone has got into a complicated situation like the one mentioned above, hiring a professional motorcycle attorney is the best thing they can do. A motorcycle lawyer will help someone fix the problem caused by someone else that involves someone’s car or motorcycle.

Fixing a problem caused by someone else is not easy and seems to be complicated. But with the help of the right person, everything will be fixed. But in case that the owner’s other property is at stake, it would be great if the motorcycle’s owner, together with his lawyer, fixed the problem.

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