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What Happens When the Other Driver is at Fault?

You have been involved in a car accident. Your auto is wrecked, and you are injured. Then, you know that you did not cause the collision, and luckily the other driver took all the blame. What happens next, though? If it is your first time experiencing an auto collision, you perhaps are clueless about what to do. Don’t worry, as you came to the right place.

No-Fault versus the Fault States

No-Fault versus the Fault States

Although you are not the one to blame for the accident, it is vital to identify whether you live in a fault or no-fault state.

In a fault state, the one responsible for the accident will be liable for your injuries. But the compensation will not be given automatically. It is required to file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company. Then, their insurer will pay for your damages or losses.

On the other hand, in a no-fault state, all parties involved in an accident will cover their own expenses through their auto insurance, particularly their personal injury protection coverage.

There are 12 no-fault states in the US, including Florida, Hawaii, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, and Utah.

What Compensation Can You Get?

Every auto accident case is unique. That’s why it is a wise idea to consult certified commercial accident lawyers in St Louis before accepting any compensation from the insurance company and the defendant.

But what are the usual compensation you can receive? In this section, you will know them all. Take a close look at the following:

Personal Injury

In a fault state, the driver who caused the crash will be liable for providing the victims with different personal injury compensation.

Generally, you will receive payment for every medical treatment you have undergone to treat your injuries. You will also be compensated for the medicines you use even if you have already been discharged from the hospital.

Here is the thing. If you were badly injured, there are many documents to fill out. You also need to wait a long time before you get an answer from the at-fault party’s insurer. It is disappointing, of course. But you should be patient.

Aside from the medications and surgeries, the driver will also compensate for all your lost wages. This is useful, especially when you have a family to support. However, if your injuries have never prevented you from doing your regular job, you would not be eligible for this kind of compensation.

Property Damage

Aside from the personal injury, the damages your car sustained from a crash are also covered by their insurance. So, there is nothing to worry about. But do not forget to list down every repair cost you pay to avoid any misunderstanding in the future. You can ask for receipts and other pieces of evidence if necessary.

Things to Do Even If The Crash is Not Your Fault

Things to Do Even If The Crash is Not Your Fault

You did not cause the crash. But do not relax. What if the at-fault driver blames you for the collision? What are you going to do? This is the reason you should be wise. Here are a few things you should do after the car accident.

Ensure Your Safety

Before anything else, your safety matters the most. If your car is in the middle of the road, make sure to find a safer place. If you cannot walk because of your injuries, you can ask for help from your passengers or drivers passing by.

Give the Police a Call

After ensuring your safety, do not forget to contact the nearby police department so that they will conduct the investigation right away.

Admit No-Fault

As soon as the police arrive, you will be interviewed. This situation may be terrifying for first-timers. But there is nothing to worry about when you do not cause the collision.

Preserve the Evidence

After the crash, it would be helpful if you document everything, from the property damages to your personal injuries. You can also request a statement from witnesses.

Contact Your Attorney

Calling your personal injury lawyer is another thing you cannot afford to ignore. Admit it or not, the car accident is overwhelming to handle, and an experienced attorney will be of great help. If you do not have one yet, look for quality legal services. Call Powell Law Firm now!