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What Does It Cost to Hire a Dog Bite Lawyer?

The last thing a victim wants to do after a dog attack is add to the growing mound of bills. Dog attacks can leave victims with serious muscle damage and even permanent disability, which often results in increased medical expenses and a loss of income.

Hiring a lawyer to handle a dog bite case may appear to many to be a costly decision. However, if a victim hires experienced dog bite lawyers who work on a contingency fee, he or she does not have to pay legal fees unless the claim is successful or the defense is successful.

The lawyer does not reap a reward for their work unless their client receives compensation.

What Is a Contingency Fee?

What Is a Contingency Fee?

Contingency fee agreements make it easier for residents of St. Louis to seek compensation for their injuries and damages in dog bite cases. If the victim does not obtain compensation, he or she is not obligated to pay legal fees.

However, if they successfully obtain a settlement amount, the lawyer is paid a percentage of the final settlement amount agreed upon by both parties.

The percentage is often 33 percent, or a third of the settlement amount. This amount is agreed upon in advance with the attorney. Some victims may be eligible for a contingency fee reduction in certain circumstances.

These contingency fees provide an additional incentive for the attorney to obtain the best possible settlement for their clients.

This means that an attorney also shares the risk of pursuing a claim, as he or she does not get paid if there is no compensation through settlement or after a trial.

Does a Victim Need an Attorney in a Dog Bite Case?

When someone is invited to another's property, they accept the invitation expecting to be cared for during the visit. When a dog attack occurs, it shows a lack of care on the host's part. Therefore, most dog bite cases fall under what is known as premises liability law.

Filing a claim against someone familiar can be challenging, but it is often necessary because of expenses related to injuries.

Insurance companies often rush victims to settle. While the early settlement offer may appear to be a large sum of money, it is likely insufficient to cover any future medical expenses a victim may incur.

An insurer may attempt to deny a victim's claim by implying that he or she did something to provoke the dog, thereby causing the attack. This is simply a ploy to get complainants to settle early.

Victims should not fall for such antics and should hold the dog owner responsible for what their dog did. A complainant should never communicate with representatives of an insurance company without legal representation.

Refusing to speak with an insurer protects the rights and interests of the victim rather than the insurer. It is preferable to consult with an experienced dog bite lawyer who has handled dog bite cases in the past.

Powell Law Firm can help victims get the legal representation they need to successfully win a dog bite lawsuit and get the compensation they need to cover medical expenses.

What Does It Cost for a Consultation?

A consultation with Powell Law Firm is free, and it allows a lawyer to understand more about the case. The attorney can determine whether the victim does have a case based on photographs, witness statements, medical reports, and animal control, and police reports.

If the victim does decide to pursue legal action, most personal injury law offices do not charge a fee unless they recover compensation.

Maximizing a Claim

Maximizing a Claim

Once a lawyer has identified the victim's losses and determined who is responsible for them, he or she then strives to obtain financial restitution on their behalf. Some kinds of negotiations may be required to do this.

During the negotiations, an attorney presents evidence of the losses that have occurred. This includes evidence indicating that the attack could have been avoided, and that negligence is to blame for these losses.

A lawyer also refuses any settlement offers that are unfair or do not cover the victim’s current and future losses.

Contact Powell Law Firm for a Free Consultation Today!

Kenneth Powell and his legal team can help St. Louis dog bite victims settle their claims, and fight for maximum compensation. Contact them for a free consultation.


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