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Can I Sue for Being Hit by a Semi-Truck?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Car accidents can drastically change your life. That’s because they can cause severe injuries and tons of hospital bills. Additionally, you may lose your car if you were driving when you got hit. That applies to car accidents, truck accidents, and even motorcycle accidents.

When those problems happen, people tend to hire St Louis personal injury law offices to sue the driver who caused the accident. That process can be complicated for some people. Regardless of that, it’s essential to do it since it helps you receive compensation for what happened. Yet, all cases are different from each other.

It’s not the same to treat a car accident negligence lawsuit as treating a truck accident lawsuit. That confuses some of the people who want to take legal actions against the negligent parties. One of the most common questions among victims is if they can sue for being hit by a semi-truck.

Many people think that since semi-trucks are smaller than average trucks, they can’t get compensation when they get hit by them. Fortunately, that’s not true. You can sue both the truck company and the semi-truck driver if you get involved in an accident.

Regardless of that, you need to consider some things before filing a negligent or personal injury lawsuit. We want you to understand everything you need to know in case you ever get hit by a semi-truck. Keep reading this article to learn the basics of negligence lawsuits and how the process works.

We are the Powell Law Firm. Our team of lawyers is always available for you. That means you can contact us in case you or a loved one got involved in a car or truck accident. You can call us to have a free consultation of your case, so don’t hesitate to do it!

How do negligence lawsuits work?

How Do Negligence Lawsuits Work?

Negligence lawsuits are not uncommon in the U.S. That’s because, unfortunately, many people adopt negligent behaviors towards their peers. An example of that is a drunk driver, someone who drives beyond the speed limit, and even doctors who harm their patients because of medical malpractice.

When those issues happen, you need someone you can rely on. The best help you can get in those situations is contacting a law firm to treat your case. That’s because negligence accidents can cost a lot of money to their victims. Medical expenses can be overwhelming even if you are not working on a budget.

What lawyers do is help you file a negligence lawsuit against the negligent parties to ask them for compensation. To do that, you first need to call a personal injury attorney to take your case. After that happens, your attorney should tell you an overview of what you can ask for in the lawsuit.

If you want to go on with it, you need to get some evidence of the accident. Yet, personal injury lawyers not only need to get evidence to prove that the accident happened but to prove that the person you are suing caused it, too.

After you get that evidence, your lawyer can file a lawsuit and send it to a civil court. There, the judge can study it and see if the documents are admissible. If they are, the defendant is notified of the lawsuit and required to file a response.

The negligent parties can respond in three ways. One is admitting what happened and accepting to pay what you asked for. If that happens, they would have to pay you as soon as possible. However, most people say they are not guilty of negligence and tell the judge they want to have a civil trial to decide the settlement.

They can also ask you to negotiate an agreement. That would end up in them paying an amount of money but not everything you asked them for.

Does That Apply to Semi-Trucks?

The short answer is yes. Yet, it depends on the amount of damage they caused. You need to ask a St Louis truck accident lawyer to study your case and see if you can sue the driver or the truck company. Fortunately, it’s the most probable scenario.


Don’t hesitate to contact Powell Law Firm if you get hit by a semi-truck. By doing that, you are helping both yourself and society. The best way to do it is by the hand of experienced and qualified lawyers. You can always rely on the Powell Law Firm, so call us whenever you need a free consultation of your case.


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