• Kenneth Powell

Stunning St. Louis, MO Union Station Mirror Maze

Updated: Feb 24

The Union Station Mirror Maze in St. Louis, Missouri, is one of a kind experience! This interactive art installation has been captivating visitors from all over the world with its engaging and immersive design. Union Station Mirror Maze is an excellent place to visit for anyone who loves puzzles, games, or architecture. Richmond Heights, MO can be seen here.

Union Station Mirror Maze is a popular attraction for tourists and locals alike. Union Station offers visitors the opportunity to wander through an 80-foot long maze with over 500 lights, mirrors, and optical illusions! Union Station's original architects carefully planned out this maze to be fun but not too challenging to navigate, even with people walking in opposite directions. Visitors to Union Station Mirror Maze can expect a thrilling and captivating experience as they work their way through this fun maze. Click here to read about Uncover Hidden Treasures at City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri .

The Union Station Mirror Maze is located in St. Louis, Missouri, at Union Station, one of the busiest train stations ever built! Union Depot opened on January 28th, 1893, but it closed down for good by 1971 due to decreased ridership. In 1985 Union Station reopened as a museum commemorating its historical past. Union Station now serves as an entertainment complex with restaurants, shops, hotels, museums, and more than 40 different attractions, including the world's most giant rotating Ferris wheel! There are so many exciting things to see and do around St. Louis, so be sure not to miss out on visiting Union Station today!