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Steer It Clear It Law in Missouri - Missouri Department of Transportation Road Campaigns

The Missouri Department of Transportation promotes the “Steer it and Clear it” campaign to ensure that accidents on the roadway don't lead to more accidents.

It advises drivers to go to the far right of the roadway after a minor accident. This includes safe places such as a gravel lot, a parking lot, or anywhere they're not blocking traffic.

The recommendation is for when the car involved can still run and if there are no serious physical injuries to victims.

According to Missouri law (Traffic Regulations Sections 304.151 and 34.155), an individual must use all reasonable efforts to relocate their vehicle to the shoulder of the road after a crash. This action will prevent the incident from hindering the regular flow of traffic. The Missouri Department of Transportation enforces this, especially if there are no serious personal injuries or fatalities and the vehicle is safe to drive.

When Should One Steer and Clear Their Vehicle After a Car Crash?

When Should One Steer and Clear Their Vehicle After a Car Crash?

In most cases, Missouri law advises drivers to use common sense to prevent more collisions and injuries following an accident.

  • Stop the Vehicle

The driver should not try moving their vehicle after a crash. They should focus on alerting approaching vehicles to help prevent traffic or another accident. There are various ways to do this, including switching on their warning lights and calling emergency services immediately. The individual can also place reflectors, flares, lights behind their car, or any device possible to alert vehicles of the obstacle ahead.

  • Check the Condition of the Vehicle

Assuming no one involved in the accident is injured, the driver must determine the vehicle damage. This is necessary before deciding whether or not to relocate the vehicle.

  • Check Your Surroundings

The person at the scene should refrain from moving their car unless necessary. Law enforcement must rebuild the accident scene to ascertain who caused the collision.

  • Steer It, Clear It

After these steps, the motorists involved in the accident should ensure that their damaged vehicles don't cause another accident. The police, and insurance companies, will not penalize anyone for trying to keep others safe.

When Is it Not Compulsory to Move a Vehicle After a Car Crash?

Investigators prefer vehicles to be left untouched after an accident. However, safety should always be the priority for drivers after an accident. This is why moving the car is understandable for specific conditions.

A person can leave their car at the accident scene in the following circumstances:

  • If the vehicle is wrecked or isn't working right.

  • If the driver or another person has suffered grave injuries.

  • If the accident resulted in a substantial amount of debris spreading onto the roadway.

Steps to Take After a Vehicle Accident in Missouri

Steps to Take After a Vehicle Accident in Missouri

The moments after a vehicle crash are vital in saving lives and simplifying insurance claims. If the driver does not sustain any serious injuries after an accident, then they should learn what to ask a hit and run accident attorney and follow these steps:

Call Law Enforcement

Calling law enforcement to report an accident is necessary. Depending on the situation, the police and fire service departments will be on-site to assess damages and prevent traffic. Missouri law requires that accidents are reported to law enforcement if they result in injury, death, or property damage worth more than $500.

Even though drivers don't need to call the police after an accident, it is almost always a good idea. The police help in the following ways:

  • No matter how terrible the collision is, the police are frequently the first to arrive on the scene. They can help call for an ambulance or take you to the closest hospital if the officer thinks someone needs medical attention.

  • Law enforcement can set up a perimeter around the accident scene to provide investigators with the time and room to examine the crash site.

  • The driver can talk to witnesses and compile an after-accident report before the police arrive. However, the police are experts who can document the incident and maybe identify who was at fault. An accident victim can still utilize law enforcement's report in court or during insurance discussions, even if they can't determine who caused the collision.

Even if the driver or anybody else is hurt, the police can support them with accident information in pursuing a successful legal recovery.

Gather Evidence

The individual must gather as much evidence as possible of the vehicle and property damage. They can take pictures with their mobile device and speak to nearby witnesses. These will provide vital information when filing for compensation with their insurance company.

Seek Medical Attention

The person involved in the accident should get the required medical attention from emergency services that arrive on the scene. This can prevent them from developing complications later on. A medical report also provides vital information to an insurer during a compensation case.

Call an Attorney Experienced in Missouri Law

Contact an auto accident law firm in St Louis immediately after an accident. Vehicle and accident attorneys know how to gather information to determine who is at fault and the approach to filing a claim. They ensure that injured victims receive the necessary compensation for any damage they sustain. The attorney also handles negotiations between the victim and their insurance companies. Even though the insurance companies feel the attorneys interfere with the situation, it is necessary since it ensures that the affected party is not cheated.

Contact Powell Law Firm for a Free Consultation

It is imperative that accident victims who are not critically harmed steer their vehicle and clear it off the roadway. Anyone who refuses to do this could receive a warning, a penalty, or criminal charges as a result. The concept helps protect other vehicles on the road and prevent traffic blockades.

Victims of accidents caused by such situations in Missouri should contact Powell Law Firm at (314) 470-1374. We have helped many injured persons receive the compensation they deserve.

Our lawyers are some of the most reliable and experienced in accident cases. call us for a free consultation today.

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