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What Damages Are Available to Injured Parties in a Slip and Fall

Slip and fall accidents are some of the most common causes of injuries in the United States. According to the NFSI, more than one million Americans require emergency treatment for trip, slip, and fall injuries each year.

However, injuries related to slip and fall accidents are not only physically devastating. In fact, they can lead to expensive treatments or might even make the victim unable to work anymore. Fortunately, when the accident is the result of negligence, the injured party is entitled to damages.

But before figuring out what kind of damages victims can claim, it’s important to understand what causes these types of accidents. (Learn what constitutes a dangerous condition regarding slip and fall cases)

Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall injuries are usually caused by a wide range of hazards around town, at the workplace, or anywhere in between. From poor design and maintenance to simple inattention to obvious dangers, here are some common causes of accidents:

Negligence — A spill on the restaurant floor, debris left in the supermarket aisle, or leaky freezers in grocery stores can all cause serious injuries. Owners and employees need to make sure that their shop is safe for customers at all times.

Bad design Defectively-designed porches, ramps, or balcony railings can cause accidents. These often result in head injuries, broken bones, and even spinal cord injuries.

Snow and ice Although nobody can control the weather, we should try to manage its effects. More specifically, property owners need to keep removing snow and ice to prevent people from slipping and falling. Additionally, leaky gutters, uneven sidewalks, and downspouts that drain into the parking lot are all hazards that increase the chance of accidents during bad weather.

Costs Related to Slip and Fall Accidents

At first glance, it might seem like slip and fall accidents won’t cause substantial damage. After all, who hasn’t fallen at least once in their life? However, sometimes the fall might be too hard, requiring the victim to check into a hospital for tests, surgery, physical therapy, and more. These medical procedures can add up to cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Even worse, slip and fall-related injuries might leave the victim unable to work until they have recovered fully. If that is the case, they will experience financial problems due to missed paychecks. That, in turn, reduces their ability to pay medical bills.

Besides, some accidents could cause serious injuries that may stop the victim from ever working in their profession.

What Compensations Can the Victim Seek?

A personal injury lawsuit can help victims cover a variety of expenses by requesting compensation. However, the damages that people can claim depend on the circumstances of the slip and fall.

Generally speaking, through a premises liability lawsuit, victims can pursue monetary compensation for:

● Medical expenses

● Recurring medical treatment

● Lost income

● Inability to perform household duties or childcare

● Lower future earning capacity

It’s important to remember that slip and fall accidents don’t harm people just financially or physically. Victims might go through months or years of pain as a result of their injuries. They could also lose their ability to enjoy some activities, such as sports or driving. That is why people that have suffered non-economic damages, like pain, emotional anguish, and suffering, can request additional compensation.

Not only that, but the court might decide that the cause of the accident was intentional wrongdoing or extreme negligence. In that case, the victim might also receive punitive damages, which are supplemental to the actual damages. Their purpose is to punish the responsible party and discourage them from future wrongdoing.

In relation to this, find out about what is reasonable care slip and fall.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Today

It’s vital to file a claim when suffering injuries due to a slip and fall on someone else’s property. However, time is of the essence, as most states set a strict deadline for filing personal injury lawsuits. The clock starts ticking on the date of the accident, so any time wasted can lower people’s chances of winning the case.

Furthermore, proving negligence can be very tricky, especially if the injured party doesn’t have any legal experience. As a result, contacting a personal injury lawyer is the best way to guarantee that the lawsuit will go in the victim’s favor. In fact, an experienced lawyer will do all it takes to protect their client’s right to fair and appropriate compensation.

To sum up, the best thing a victim can do is contact St Louis slip and fall attorneys. Not only can a professional answer all legal questions, but they can also conduct a thorough investigation to see who was at fault in order to demand a fair settlement. And, if necessary, the lawyer will take the case to court and fight for the victim’s justice and compensation.