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Is It Worth Getting A Worker’s Comp Attorney?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Worker's compensation is designed to help those who get ill or are injured in the line of duty. It helps in settling bills such as medical bills, disability expenses, and much more. Ideally, when it works as planned, the compensation significantly protects the worker.

Theoretically, receiving worker's comp benefits should be straightforward. An injury happens, you file for the benefits, it gets reviewed, and you get the benefits. Unfortunately, many things may go wrong in the process. There are chances of wrongful claim denial and underpayment. Other complications may emerge along the way.

When issues like this crop up, it is best to hire a worker's compensation attorney to assist. This is where Powell Law Firm attorneys come in. The worth of the Powell Law Firm lawyers may be immeasurable in the following ways:

Worth of a workers comp attorney

The Worth of a Worker’s Comp Attorney

Denied Claim: The attorney steps in to appeal or file for a suit when the insurance company denies a claim. The company may claim the injury is not work-related. They may also advance reasons such as late claim filing to avoid paying. Powell Law Firm files formal paperwork and gathers evidence. They present the case for hearing and court determination.

Existence of a Pre Existing Medical Condition: It is an uphill task getting benefits for an injury on the same body part as an existing condition. The insurance company is likely to lay blame on the existing injury and not work activities. Getting the claim approved is not going to be a walk in the park. Hire a lawyer to take up the process and review claims around repetitive stress injuries.

Receipt of Government Benefits: A lawyer helps minimize the reduced amount of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Some workers stand a chance of losing part of their SSDI when worker's benefits get approved. Those on Medicare need an attorney to help in saving for future medical bills.

Employer Payback: Some employers may retaliate when a worker's compensation claim goes through or the employer may deny the claim. They may fire or demote the employee at work. At times, working hours get slashed and pay reduced. The worst-case scenario is subjection to all manner of discrimination. The attorneys at Powell Law Firm are experts at protecting such employees. They educate the workers about their legal rights if getting hurt at work when they face reprisal.

Dispute of the Permanent Disability Rating: At times, the insurance company may dispute a worker's disability rating before compensation. The company may call for a medical examination by a doctor of its choosing. Ratings may be lower from the assigned doctor, leading to reduced benefits. A St Louis workersman comp lawyer comes in handy to convince the judge for a fair settlement and higher rating.

Third-Party Negligence or Employer's Gross Misconduct: In some instances, an employer may not have worker's compensation insurance. The same employer may intentionally cause your injuries and fail to pay. Your co-workers may become negligent and harm you in the line of duty. The employer may refuse to compensate you, claiming the injury didn't come from them. An experienced lawyer from Powell Law Firm can explain the application of personal injury laws to your case.

When an Attorney is Not Necessary

Not all work-related injuries need a lawyer to help when filing for compensation. An injury like sprained ankle may not need much work. The doctor is likely to advise icing, taking painkillers, and having enough bed rest. The minor injury may not keep a worker out of work for long. The insurance company may also not dispute the claims. These are instances when you don't need to hire a lawyer:

  • No extensive medical treatment is needed.

  • There are no permanent injuries.

  • The injuries are clearly work-related

  • The period out of work is not lengthy

  • No denial of claims and payment of fair benefits

  • You have no prior medical condition affecting the injured body part.

Final Take

No employer or an insurance company may compensate workers willingly. As a matter of fact, many challenges may come up to avoid paying the benefits. Refreshingly, employees have a way out by hiring worker's compensation attorneys.

Review your case well and determine if it needs going alone or hiring a professional. In case you can go at it alone, then go for it. If the case is to the contrary, hire a lawyer. The attorneys at Powell Law Firm are ready to step in to help you and get you what you deserve.


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