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How Long Does It Take to Settle a Slip and Fall?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

One of the most questions victims ask when they slip and fall is “how long does it take to settle a slip and fall?” because they want to know when they might get the compensation for what they're going through. Nonetheless, it's not a simple answer, and they must consider several aspects to understand the process correctly. This article addresses essential information on the matter.

What Victims Should Do Before Settling

What Victims Should Do Before Settling

Many victims focus on the time they have to wait to settle a slip and fall. However, they should also consider everything they need to do before that since it is crucial to have positive outcomes.

When someone slips and falls, the first actions they take are essential because they can determine the future of the case. Thus, the victim must make the right choices, especially if they suffered substantial injuries and want to file a claim. Depending on the choices made, it could affect the worth of the slip and fall case.

Get Medical Help

It may sound obvious, but the first thing the victim should do when they slip and fall is to call a doctor immediately. Before thinking about taking any legal actions, they must ensure their well-being.

Therefore, they should get medical assistance right away. If they cannot move to make the call, they should try to get help from a witness or someone in the vicinity.

The doctor is not only the person responsible for the victim's well-being once they fall. They are also the first ones to report exactly what happened in the accident, and their testimony can be used in court if necessary.

Find an Attorney

No matter how simple the slip and fall is, if the person suffers from injuries, they should find an attorney to help them with their case, and they can do that by contacting Powell Law Firm. If not, they might not get fair compensation.

Sometimes people don't want to hire lawyers because they're afraid their case might go to court. However, that doesn't always happen, and it depends on the case.

Premises liability attorneys are in charge of guiding their clients through the process, negotiating with at-fault parties and insurance companies, and making sure the victim gets the compensation they deserve according to injury laws. In some instances, they may not want to take the case to court.

File the Claim

The sooner the victim files the claim, the sooner they can start the process. Sometimes, the at-fault party might want to drag the procedure by not providing the required documentation, which is why the victim and the attorney need to work together to make everything move along.

At the same time, the attorney is probably going to negotiate directly with the insurance companies or pursue settlements by using demand letters. Overall, they are responsible for making sure the process continues and the victim gets what is fair.

Why Do Slip and Fall Cases Take so Long?

Many slip and fall cases take a long time because of different reasons. As it was mentioned before, sometimes the at-fault party might want to drag the process.

Additionally, the steps in the process itself are often complicated because the victim should get the compensation they deserve. Gathering all the information takes time, and the defendant also needs to process the claim through an insurance company.

Overall, a slip and fall case often takes from six months to one and a half years to settle. Even though it sounds like a lot, it is worth it if the victim gets the compensation they deserve for the injuries they suffered.

Slip and Fall Cases Require a Detailed Process

Slip and Fall Cases Require a Detailed Process

The victim must go through a very detailed process before getting the compensation money for the injuries they suffered. They must compile documents, and include a complete medical evaluation, which must explain the details of their diagnosis and prognosis.

Thus, the victim cannot submit the claim until they have all the needed documents, which takes a lot of time. Once they do that, legal experts have to examine everything they provided, and either deny the claim or make a settlement offer.

Speak to an Attorney from Powell Law Today

Many victims ask “how long does it take to settle a slip and fall” because they want to know what they are getting into beforehand. Most cases take from six months to one and a half years. However, working with a Powell Law Firm attorney can help move the process along.


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