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How Many Mirrors Are Required on a Motorcycle in Missouri?

Motorcycle laws, just like all other types of law, can vary from state to state. In Missouri, several laws control what is and is not legitimate when riding a motorcycle.

Each state has its own mirror-related regulations. For instance, how far the person riding must be able to see behind them, where the mirror must be attached to the vehicle, and how large the reflection area must be. How many mirrors are required on a motorcycle in Missouri? The answer lies here, along with other motorcycle laws.

Missouri Motorcycle Laws

Missouri Motorcycle Laws

While 22 states require rear view mirrors, only five of them demand mirrors on both handlebars. In the state of Missouri, a motorcycle is legal if it has 2 rear view mirrors, one on each handlebar. Aside from the mirrors, it needs to have front and rear brakes, a running headlight, working taillight, brake light, turn light, and a horn.

When it comes to safety, wearing a helmet is obligatory, while protective clothing is recommended. The passenger also requires protective headgear, along with their own seat and a footrest. Of course, to be able to ride a motorcycle at all, riders need a class M motorcycle license.

Before the Ride

It is not easy to ride with one hand while adjusting the mirror with the other. For this reason, riders should clean and check the mirrors before starting the journey. If properly adjusted, the mirrors will show the road behind and a portion of the road to the side.

Prior to riding motorcycles, owners must first familiarize themselves with the vehicle and learn about its parts and controls. Furthermore, riders need to inspect their two-wheeler before every ride to ensure it is in good working condition.

In addition, motorcycle riders ought to have the necessary knowledge regarding their responsibilities as traffic participants. For example, they need to make sure they remain visible to other vehicles at all times and use the appropriate signals when maneuvering their motorcycles in lanes. They should also try to maintain a sufficient space gap between neighboring vehicles.

Most importantly, people need to be attentive when operating a motorcycle. Responsible riders are able to maneuver their vehicles alertly, make sensible decisions, and carry them out safely in traffic. Also, they can assess and recognize dangerous situations and quickly react in order to avoid them.

Why Is It Necessary to Use Mirrors on a Motorcycle

For riders to make a safe decision on how to deal with the traffic ahead, they must know what is happening behind their vehicle. Therefore, the situation behind them is equally important as the situation ahead, and cannot be ignored.

Occasionally checking the rear view mirrors should be a habit. However, there are specific moments when riders should check the mirrors without question:

● Before changing lanes — to determine that no vehicle is attempting to pass them.

● Before slowing down — to make sure the driver behind them is at a safe distance and has enough time to break.

● When stopped at an intersection — to confirm that their motorcycle is clearly visible and at a safe distance from other traffic participants.

Rounded or convex mirrors can be very tricky and deserve special attention. These types of mirrors provide a wider view of the road behind than regular flat mirrors. However, they can also make vehicles behind look like they are farther away than they truly are.

Don’t Forget a Head Check

Just like cars, motorcycles also have “blind spots.” To safely participate in traffic, it is critical to be aware of what is happening all around. Consequently, one should not solely rely on their rearview mirrors for safety.

Riders should not forget to turn their heads and look to the side before switching lanes. In addition, they should always check all lanes on the road with several lanes. A driver in the far lane might not see them and head in their direction.

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