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Everything About Public Embarrassment Law & Car Accident: What You Need to Know

Can being embarrassed in a car accident get people more money? This is an interesting question that many people have been wondering about over the past few years, and it must be discussed. The idea of a public embarrassment law is not always discussed, but it can be used during a claim when someone is put under mental anguish.

This post is going to explain pain and suffering damages, which include public embarrassment, and how they can help with a personal injury claim.

Insurance Company & Personal Injury Law Firm

Insurance Company & Personal Injury Law Firm

When a person gets into a car accident, many questions arise. The insurance company is going to want to know who is at fault, the condition of the car, and what claim the driver needs to make. Depending on the information given, the insurance company can decide whether to pay out to the driver.

However, if a person has sustained car accident injuries, they would need to contact a personal injury law firm to seek a claim. Car accident victims must take this step when they have been injured because they are more likely to be successful in their claim if they have the support of a professional.

It is good to have all the necessary documents to provide the attorney. These documents include:

  • Police report

  • Pictures

  • Eye witness statements

  • Any medical treatment information

When the attorney has all these documents, they are then able to seek compensation for pain and suffering damages.

Economic Damages

In order to know what pain and suffering damages are, it is essential to understand what economic damages are as well. Economic damages are losses that have an economic value, so examples of this are:

  • Medical bills

  • Physical therapy

  • Loss of property

  • Lost wages

  • Cognitive therapy bills

These are easily quantifiable damages, but emotional distress is harder to prove.

What Are Pain and Suffering Damages?

People talk about pain and suffering damages as emotional suffering. Yes, that is a part of it, but there is more to it than that. When a personal injury claim begins, and the mention of emotional distress is brought up, the attorney is speaking about mental anguish, frustrations, and sadness caused by the car accident.

However, pain and suffering do not just mean the emotional side. Physical pain also comes from being in car accidents, so it is essential to highlight how they both coincide.

Some examples of pain and suffering are:

  • Physical suffering

  • Mental fear, anxiety, or depression

  • Loss of enjoyment of life

  • Public embarrassment

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  • Changes in personality

How to Calculate Pain and Suffering

Like with economic damages, it needs to be proven that the driver has suffered and needs to be compensated. That is where the experts come in because they are able to gather information on how the driver has suffered due to the car accident. It is essential to have the right team for this claim because pain and suffering claims are sometimes the most significant part of a victim's recovery.

The lawyer is able to explain to the driver how this suffering has occurred due to someone else's negligence. There is no formula for reaching the dollar amount when it comes to non-economic damages, and courts try to give a reasonable amount to the non-economic damages related to the economic damages.

However, if this is settled outside of court, it is up to the lawyer to discuss with the insurance company to decide a fair valuation of the pain and suffering caused by the auto accident.

The number agreed upon by the insurance adjuster can vary depending on the person. This is because some may multiply economic damages by a certain number, while others try to figure out how much the person's suffering is worth every day and then multiply that number by the number of days it takes them to recover.

Limitations on Pain and Suffering

Like with everything, there are limitations to the amount paid out due to pain and suffering. A few examples are:

  • Non-economic damages cannot go over $250,000 or three times the overall amount of the economic damages.

  • The money from non-economic damages can never exceed $350,000 per person.

  • All non-economic damages need to be reasonable and cannot be excessive with unsupported evidence or facts.

Since it is challenging to prove non-economic damages and there are limitations to these claims, it is best to speak to a professional.

Speaking to a Professional

Speaking to a Professional

It is essential to speak to professionals when it comes to personal injury claims. They are able to help everyone navigate through this difficult time. Car accidents can cause catastrophic injuries to minor injuries, but each one needs to be accounted for and should be compensated.

The members at Powell Law Firm are experienced, knowledgeable, and resourceful in their field. They understand the emotional suffering that a person is going through after an auto accident, so they want to help any driver navigate the situation. This includes cases like getting into a leased car accident that is not the driver's fault or being involved in an at-fault sideswipe car accident.

Additionally, they can inform the driver of everything they need in order to help them win the claim against the at-fault party.


It is essential to follow the correct steps after an auto accident. This is because a simple mistake could cost an entire claim. Drivers must check for any personal injuries, call the police and receive a police report, gather the personal and insurance company information from the other party, and get in contact with the insurance company and personal injury law firm.

On the other hand, it is more likely to receive the right compensation for any pain and suffering when these steps are followed. Drivers must remember that it is hard to quantify how much pain and suffering charges are worth, even though mental anguish is significant. That is why getting the right help from Powell Law Firm is the best thing to do because it can help gather the correct information and show how someone's mental anguish has become a problem because of the accident.

Anyone who may need assistance with their case may call the Powell Law Firm today and speak to St Louis MO car accident attorneys who can answer questions about a personal injury attorney claim.