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What Percentage Of Motorcycle Accidents Are Caused By Cars?

The truth of the motorcycle accident statistics is that more than 80% of motorcycle accidents are caused by cars. Motorcycles are not more dangerous than cars; they are simply more vulnerable to accidents caused by cars. While some people enjoy the thrill of riding a motorcycle, the truth of the matter is that it is far riskier than driving a car and that this risk is not worth the excitement.

Motorcycle accidents are extremely common. Several studies have shown that nearly 1.5 million people are injured or killed each year in accidents involving motorcycles. While this number makes motorcyclists the most at risk of injury, motorcyclists are involved in fewer accidents compared to drivers of other vehicles.

How Do Car Drivers Cause Motorcycle Crash?

How Do Car Drivers Cause Motorcycle Crash?

Motorcycles and all other types of drivers, but mostly motorcyclists, should be careful and drive like a professional. It only takes a split second for a driver to make a motorcyclist’s life a living hell. These motorcycle riders who stand no chance against the overwhelming force of a motor vehicle often live with injuries and other consequences as a result of this horrifying collision.

Motorcycle crashes are the leading cause of death among those under the age of 35, and those under the age of 45 make up the majority of motorcycle crashes. Experts suggest that motorcycle drivers should take extra caution when driving, just as car drivers should take extra caution. Car drivers are more likely to be distracted by their cell phones, while motorcycle drivers are more likely to lose their balance or not be able to stop or turn off their motorcycles. Motorcycle drivers are also more likely to ride their motorcycles without a helmet.

Motorcycles and cars do not mix, and just like a high schooler and a prom date, there is a common refrain: “I’m not going to the party, I’m just going to meet them there.” It’s a bad idea. Motorcycles are an inherently dangerous mode of transportation. Their piercing, loud noise attracts attention, which can distract you from the road. Their aerodynamic design means that they are an easy target for the wind, which can cause you to lose control of them. And due to their size and low center of gravity, you are more prone to tipping over.

 Who Is Usually at Fault for Motorcycle Crashes?

Who Is Usually at Fault for Motorcycle Crashes?

Car accidents are among the leading causes of death in the U.S. With over 300,000 deaths per year; it’s not surprising that so many people are concerned about how they share the road. However, the majority of car accidents are caused by car drivers, not motorcycle drivers or other vehicle operators.

Our law firm is considering representing a client that was injured in a motorcycle accident, visit our practice area page to learn more. Our client was also hurt by another vehicle during the crash. The other driver was found at fault for the injuries, but the client feels the other driver was at fault for the accident. Motorcycles are inherently different from cars, yet they share many of the same challenges.

Mainly, the same issue that causes car drivers to be at fault for crashes all too often plagues motorcyclists. That issue is distracted driving. It’s an issue that has proved to be one of the biggest problems facing the motorcycle industry. Motorcycles make up less than 1% of all registered vehicles in the United States. However, they account for 42% of all motorcycle fatalities. One reason is that motorcycles are vulnerable to accidents with other vehicles. These crashes also account for 15% of all motorcycle crashes, putting them in the Top 10 most fatal crashes.

Car drivers cause about 50% of all motorcycle crashes. With the onslaught of new motorsports that are taking place, the number of car drivers causing motorcycle crashes is only going up. Regulations for car drivers are designed to prevent car drivers from causing motorcycling accidents. If a driver is caught speeding, they have a high chance of being cited by a police officer. He or she may also receive a ticket for speeding and may have his or her driver’s license suspended as a result.

Motorcycling is one of the most dangerous recreational activities, and crashes are one of the most common forms of injury. It doesn’t take much to cause an accident, so avoiding road hazards and road rage is crucial. Being a motorcyclist means a lot of things to a lot of people, and no one can sit back and take it easy after a crash. Every crash is different, and the best way to learn from them is to know what to do to prevent them from happening again.