• Kenneth Powell

How Do You Get a Truck License in Missouri?

As most people know, driving a truck is more complex than driving a car, for example, and therefore requires a special license. Without it, individuals caught driving a truck can end up paying steep fines or going to jail. The document in question is called a CDL or, rather, the Commercial Driver's License. So, how do you get a truck license in Missouri? Here are all the requirements anyone trying to obtain a truck license needs to have.

Conditions of Eligibility for a CDL in Missouri

Conditions of Eligibility for a CDL in Missouri

Naturally, there are certain conditions that people need to meet in order to apply for a CDL. All of these conditions are set by the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Firstly, all applicants need to be at least 18 years old. That will qualify them to own a CDL, but they can only drive within the state lines. Only those 21 or older can drive their trucks outside the state of Missouri and transport hazardous materials as well as passengers.

The second criterion is residence. All applicants for a Missouri CDL need to be citizens of the United States with permanent residency in Missouri. Bringing official documents such as a birth certificate or a Social Security Card will suffice.

Furthermore, one of the most important requirements is a CLP. Commercial Learner's Permit is issued for 360 days, and all CDL candidates must have a CLP for at least 14 days before doing the skills testing. What's more, they need to have a Missouri CLP. That means people from other states must obtain a MO CLP (Missouri Commercial Learner’s Permit), regardless of whether they already have an out-of-state one.

In addition, candidates must pass a medical exam no older than two years prior to taking CDL tests. They can find the list of certified medical professionals online. It's important to note that there are certain disqualifying medical conditions. Those include:

● Vision loss and impairment

● Hearing loss and impairment

● Epilepsy

● Use of insulin

Anyone who suffers from these conditions won't be able to receive a CDL.

Finally, CDL candidates mustn't have any other disqualifying factors. These include charges of DUI, leaving the scene of the accident, and reckless driving, among others.

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Steps to Applying for a CDL

Obtain a CLP

As mentioned above, the candidates’ first obligation is to get a CLP. To do so, drivers need to pass several written and skill tests. A CLP will then allow them to operate a commercial vehicle with a CDL holder accompanying them.

Go Through an Education Program (Optional)

A CDL training is not obligatory but can prove extremely useful, nonetheless. In this education program, applicants can learn the skills they will need for driving large vehicles. Also, they can prepare themselves for the knowledge and skills tests they will have to pass to receive a CDL.

Pass the Knowledge and Skills Tests

There are two types of tests. The knowledge tests cover the basic theoretical regulations and the skills tests, which are practical in nature.

Each knowledge test contains 30 questions and covers the theory from 20 areas. The bottom line for passing the exam is 80 percent.

On the other hand, the skill test involves operating the vehicle. The type of vehicle is determined by each participant. Different means of transport fall under different categories.

● Class A: A combination of vehicles that weigh 26,001 or more pounds with trailer(s) that weighs 10,000 or more pounds.

● Class B: A single vehicle weighing 26,001 or more pounds that tows another vehicle of 10,000 or fewer pounds.

● Class C: A vehicle that transports 16 or more people (including the driver) or transports hazardous materials (need to be classified as such by the federal governing body).

When applying, people have to say what class they drive or will be driving, as the skills tests differ in content. The drivers will be tested for the following.

The first test is to determine if the vehicle is safe to drive or not. The drivers will have to show they have adequate knowledge to do that.

Secondly, they will have to prove they can successfully drive the vehicle in a defined area.

Finally, they will have to drive the vehicle in real-life traffic situations. They will have to show the ability to properly operate in the city, as well as on multi-lane roads and highways. It is important to note that all driving tests are supervised by the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

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Pay License and Testing Costs

The final step is to pay the necessary fees. These include paying for the Learner’s Permit ($16), a 3-year CDL ($26), or a 6-year CDL ($52), as well as all the testing and license issuing costs.

Other than getting the requirements for it, driving a truck itself is challenging. If you ever get involved in a truck-related accident, you will need reliable truck accident attorneys in St Louis.