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How Victims Can Claim If Someone Hits Their Car

If someone hits a parked car, the driver must first call the police, so that an investigation can be conducted, and a police report can be prepared. They must also notify their insurance company to begin the claims process, as the insurance policy could help cover the vehicle's damage.

Injury can often occur as a result of car accidents, so those injured in an accident that was not their fault may be liable for compensation. Contact Powell Law Firm to speak to experienced St Louis MO vehicle accident lawyers and receive just compensation.

Knowing exactly what to do after an accident of this nature occurs is crucial in building a strong claim. Here are the steps that victims must take after someone hits their car.

Contact the Police

Contact the Police

The first and most crucial step is to call the police, even if it was a minor accident. Police officers can prepare a police report, which is used to support the insurance claim that must be filed. If the victim and the other driver have an argument or disagreement, the police officer acts as an objective arbitrator.

Contacting the police is particularly important if someone hits a vehicle and then leaves the scene without leaving behind their contact details. A hit-and-run is considered a major offense that can result in criminal charges.

Obtain the Information of the Other Driver

If the other driver is at the accident scene after hitting the parked car, it is essential to exchange contact information with him or her. The driver's name, contact details, and insurance information are all required.

Most of the time, in these kinds of cases, the other driver does not remain at the scene when the owner of the vehicle discovers that their car has been hit. In this case, most offenders leave a note with contact details.

Take Pictures of the Car

As evidence of what occurred, it is essential to take pictures of the car at the scene, which an attorney can later use to build up a case, should the need arise. Insurance companies may also ask for pictures when assessing a claim.

Search for Witnesses

If someone has hit a car and driven off without leaving a note, it may be helpful to find witnesses that may have seen what happened. Talk to bystanders to find out if anyone witnesses the accident.

It may be helpful to also approach shop owners in the vicinity to determine whether CCTVs in the area captured the incident on camera.

Get in Touch with Emergency Medical Services

If a victim was present when their car was hit and an injury occurred, it is important to contact emergency medical services to help victims get the medical care they need after an accident.

However, police officers at the scene often contact medical services on the victim's behalf, especially if the injury was substantial like a broken neck.

Contact the Insurance Company

The ideal course of action is to enlist the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer who contacts the insurance company on the victim's behalf. Insurance companies should be notified as soon as possible if a car was hit, to begin what may be a lengthy and time-consuming claim procedure.

If it was a hit-and-run situation, the insurance company might cover the damages to the vehicle depending on the details of the insurance policy. Numerous insurance policies include an underinsured motorist clause that pays for physical injury when the other driver flees the scene.

Document the Accident

Often, claims can take a long time to process, and the details of an accident can be forgotten. As soon as a victim is able, they must record or document what occurred to present an accurate account to an attorney. This can assist the attorney in building a strong case.

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Those who have been hit by someone else and injured in the process may be liable for compensation due to that person’s negligent driving. Contact Powell Law Firm today for a free case evaluation, so we can determine whether victims are liable for compensation.

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