• Kenneth Powell

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Dog Bite Case?

Updated: Feb 24

Dog bite cases are rather common occurrences that courts, lawyers, and insurance companies have to deal with. And oftentimes, they can take a long time to settle. That is especially the case if the inflicted injuries are severe.

How long does it usually take to settle a dog bite case? What are all the contributory factors? The sections that follow will answer these questions in detail and provide all the information that the involved parties might need.

Immediately After The Bite

Immediately After The Bite

If one gets bitten by another person’s dog, it is essential to get that person’s information immediately. That will be of service in the negotiations or trial later on.

Then, it is essential to get medical help. That is important for ensuring that the injured party is not at risk of an infection or any other serious consequence. It is a pivotal step, no matter how minor the injury might be.

Apart from the reason above, a medical report is also important because it will help the party get the compensation they deserve. The doctor will be able to prescribe treatment, and what they prescribe will vary based on the severity of the injury. In the best-case scenario, it might just be some meds. But in the case of a more serious injury, it might be anything from stitches and surgery to staying at the hospital.

The medical report, then, contains all the injured party’s expenses for dealing with the dog bite. This document is what they will use to get the money they are due for the pain and trauma that they have suffered.

Time Is of the Essence

When a dog bite occurs, it is essential to act quickly. That way, the injured will ensure that the time to take legal action does not expire. If it does, they will no longer be allowed to press charges, no matter how severe the attack was.

However, getting everything quickly together is easier said than done. Dog bites can be traumatic, and the injuries they cause are often devastating. If that is the case, the injured party will most likely not have the time or energy necessary to deal with everything that comes with a trial or settlement negotiations.

That is why it is necessary to hire a personal injury lawyer. Doing so will ensure that the case gets off the ground quickly and that the injured party gets the compensation they deserve.

How Long Will It Take?

How long it will take to settle a dog bite case depends on several factors. For one, it depends on the severity of the injury. If the injury is minor, the case will most likely not go to trial. Settling will only take a month or two. During that time, the insurance companies or parties themselves will settle on a price and move on.

In most cases, parties resolve dog bite cases without taking them to court. It is the least expensive route and one that they can settle with just their lawyers and insurance companies.

However, in certain cases, a court has to become involved. It might happen because the dog’s owner has no insurance. Alternatively, the injured party’s lawyer might suggest going to trial if they think their client would get better compensation that way. If that is the case, the parties go in front of a judge.

If this issue goes to trial, getting compensation and putting the entire ordeal behind can take months or even a year. That is especially the case if the injuries are life-threatening, or if there is a lot of evidence to go through.

To Conclude

How long it takes to settle dog bite cases can vary based on several factors. First and foremost, it depends on whether the case goes to court or not. If it does, settling can take more than a year. If it doesn’t, the parties can agree on a compensation sum in mere weeks or months. You will also have to consult with a legal expert on how much is a dog bite lawsuit worth.

Either way, it is essential to have an excellent St Louis dog bite lawyer at hand during the proceedings. Lawyers from Powell Law Firm will be able to give valuable advice and ensure that the injured party gets the money they are due. With their help, the party will settle the case in their favor, no matter how long it takes.

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