• Kenneth Powell

How Does a Car Accident Settlement Work?

Car accidents are often complicated and involve different people. Victims are confused in many cases, and they might not know much about the settlement process. Therefore, learning the basics is essential, which is why this guide offers information on the subject.

How Long Does it Take?

How Long Does it Take?

When someone is in a car accident, they might want to start their settlement process and finish it as soon as they can since it can be very stressful. However, there's no specific amount of time, and it completely varies from one person to another.

Although some car accident settlement cases take a few weeks, others can last for months, or even years. Thus, even though the process starts as soon as the people are in the accident, what comes after depends on many factors.


The first thing the victim needs to do after they're in a car accident is to submit a claim to the insurance company of the negligent driver. Nonetheless, after that, insurance company experts need to conduct an investigation.

Once the investigation starts, professionals might ask for evidence of the accident such as photos, videos, or testimonies from witnesses. They can also take a look at the involved parties’ social media accounts, medical records, or require police reports from the crash.

Consulting with Experts

There are several experts the victim should contact if they want to have the best outcomes possible after their settlement process ends. On the one hand, they need a doctor to report the injuries they sustained in the accident, which is essential since it's pivotal information they must provide during the investigation.

On the other hand, legal professionals are also crucial for the person's case because they're the only ones who can guide them through the process, explain every stage of it, and defend their case to ensure they get what they deserve from the insurance company. Fortunately, Powell Law Firm offers a top St Louis accident lawyer, who can help people going through this.

Starting the Process

In many cases, people involved in car accidents don't need to go to court. However, they can only know that if they consult with a knowledgeable lawyer, such as the attorneys at Powell Law Firm.

Lawyers can examine what the insurance provider is offering the victim and identify if it's a fair deal or not. If it's not, they might recommend filing a lawsuit.

Evaluating the settlement offer is a pivotal step in the process, and it's something the victim should only do with professional help, which is why the attorneys at Powell Law Firm are one of the best options they should consider.

Filing a Lawsuit and Negotiating

If the settlement offer is not enough, the lawyer must guide the victim through the process of filing a lawsuit. Consequently, they might have to go to court to get what they deserve.

On many occasions, insurance providers might not want to give victims what they deserve, and they might not offer a fair deal.

Furthermore, that can become a very dangerous and complicated problem if the person suffered different injuries during the accident since they have to pay for medical bills and many other things.

Therefore, victims should always get expert help, which allows them to ensure they get the settlement they deserve.

When the person files a lawsuit, it doesn't mean they have to settle everything in court. The lawyer is able to negotiate with the insurance provider and try to get a fair deal, and that might be more convenient if the victim wants to avoid a longer process.

Going to Court

Sometimes, going to court is unavoidable. However, with expert help from the professionals at Powell Law Firm, victims don't need to worry so much about the process.

Knowledgeable lawyers often explain the process to the victims, so they know what to explain and are aware of the different possibilities for the future. Thus, getting help is always the best choice especially if you plan to sue after the insurance pays you a settlement.


Being in a car accident is a very challenging experience, and victims often have doubts about the settlement process. Its length depends on the case, and the best option is to find a legal expert to help since they're the ones prepared to guide everyone through each step.