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Imagine going about your normal day when you find yourself in a car accident. It's the kind of thing no one is ready for, and there's a good reason for that. Not only may the car crash have destroyed your vehicle, but you may also be suffering from mild to serious injuries.

This means that you need medical attention as quickly as possible, which attracts a cost that you may not even be able to afford. You must attend to these and other necessary elements of the situation, all while dealing with the mental and physical anguish that you may be dealing with.

A Florissant car accident lawyer can help you navigate the matter from a legal standpoint as you focus on your recovery. If you are a victim of a car crash in Florissant, you may be entitled to compensation.

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Typical Injuries That Car Accidents Cause

Typical Injuries That Car Accidents Cause

Car accidents are sudden and often violent impacts because of the kind of momentum involved. Therefore, severe injuries are always a possibility. Here are some of the personal injury variations that those involved may deal with.

Head Injuries

These are some of the worst car accident injuries, often because of what they may represent for your future. When your head moves so forcefully, your brain goes through an equally violent motion. This can result in a concussion or other traumatic brain injury. People who suffer this kind of thing do not always return to normal. Some never regain their full physical or cognitive ability.

Spinal Issues

A car accident can also present a personal injury hazard for your spine, which is very important for nerve information transmission and mobility among other things. Like brain injuries, a car crash can lead to temporary or permanent damage.

The result can be anything from back pain, all the way to complete paralysis of one to all of your limbs. Of course, this can be temporary or permanent.


Car accident victims can also suffer from whiplash when their heads are thrown around. Neck pain is at the lower end of the spectrum when car crashes cause this. On the other end, more severe neck and even spinal issues are entirely possible.

Broken Bones

The kind of force that a Florissant car accident can generate may also see bones bend and break, which presents challenges for your ability to physically function. In some such personal injury cases, the victims recover. However, total limb loss may also occur.

Internal Bleeding

When an auto accident causes internal bleeding, it can be a huge concern particularly because you rarely can tell when you've suffered injuries such as this one. If the blood loss is serious and not caught quickly, complications may occur.


Potentially the worst car accident outcome is death. There is no recovery here, and family members must handle the grief it brings. Things are compounded if the deceased person was the breadwinner.

Who Can Submit Car Accident Claims?

Primarily, personal injury claims are submitted by the affected party. Therefore, if you found yourself in a car accident because of someone else's negligence, then you would likely be the claimant.

However, loved ones can also submit an auto accident claim. Of course, in the case of a wrongful death suit, a loved one would need to be the one in the engagement with the car accident law firm of choice.

Establishing Fault in the Aftermath of Auto Accidents

Establishing fault is a big part of the job that Florissant car accident lawyers must do on behalf of their clients. No matter if you are severely injured and it is immediately apparent, if your automobile accident lawyer in St Louis cannot help prove that the other party's negligence led to your situation, then you are going to have issues getting the compensation that you are supposed to.

After all, as bad as traffic accidents are, someone cannot legally be asked to pay for something without proof that the person committed an action that necessitates that kind of outcome. Reputable and aggressive legal representation is a must for this initiative to be a success.

Recoverable Damages Following Car Accidents

Car accident attorneys help you with negotiating a fair settlement following car or truck accidents. Doing so means establishing and requesting the total of whatever damages are applicable. Here's a high-level overview of six types of damages that you can claim under Missouri law.

Wrongful Death

This can be classified as either economic or non-economic. On the economic end of the spectrum, the deceased would have been one of or the sole income earner, which has put surviving family members in a concerning situation.

Medical Bills

Your Florissant car accident lawyer is also going to attempt to help you be compensated for whatever medical expenses may end up on your plate. This includes but is not limited to hospital visits, medicine, physical therapy, other rehabilitation costs, psychiatric care, etc.

Pain and Suffering

This is a non-economic damage. While there is a financial sum that your car accident attorney will attempt to seek on your behalf, it is a best-effort evaluation of the physical pain and mental suffering that the auto accident has led to.

Lost Wages

It's also possible for a car accident in Florissant, MO to lead to lost wages. Personal injuries are often so severe that they leave victims unable to work. Imagine losing the use of your hands when your job is to operate a commercial vehicle, for example.

Property Damage

Typical vehicular and pedestrian accidents often result in property damage. This can speak to the damage that your vehicle takes during the accident. It may even have been totaled. Other possessions may also have been affected. A Florissant car accident lawyer aims to ensure that you recover the costs associated with returning to having all your possessions in working order.

Disfigurement or Disability

Personal injury lawyers also assist those who end up with disabilities or some form of disfigurement following a car accident. There are both physical and mental implications that the victims involved need to be adequately compensated for.

Taking the Right Actions After a Florissant Car Accident

While your Florissant car accident lawyer is a professional who understands the legal intricacies of dealing with a car accident to ensure maximum compensation is received, you must also do your part to strengthen your case and avoid yielding your rights.

Avoiding the Negligent Party's Insurance Company

When a Florissant, MO, car accident happens, you often find that the negligent party's insurance company reaches out to the victim. It sounds as if this is done out of care. However, what the insurance company is doing is trying to avoid having to compensate you fully or at all.

Do not entertain the conversation. Your personal injury lawyer can and should handle this on your behalf. Refuse to speak without your attorney, even if you are yet to retain one.

Getting Medical Care

Medical treatment is essential following car accidents. First, you need to ensure that you are physically taken care of. Your actual condition is seldom based solely on how feel immediately. Car accidents are notorious for having unexpected implications for those involved later.

Additionally, medical records are generated, which speak to the necessity of treatment and the associated costs. A Florissant car accident lawyer is going to use this kind of documentation as a part of building a solid case for you.

Gathering Whatever Data You Can from the Accident Site

The car accident scene is a valuable source of information for your personal injury attorney as well. Therefore, if possible, you want to be as thorough as possible in collecting data from the scene. his can include photographs of skid marks or damaged vehicles, vehicular registration documentation from other motorists, contact information for all involved and eyewitnesses, etc.

Filing Your Police Report

Car accident claims are also greatly supported by police reports. Typically, an officer is called to the scene of a motor vehicle accident. One of the aims is to take statements from the involved parties. Ensure you provide one.

If you are unable to initially, you must visit the police station whenever possible to report the accident.

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

You need an experienced attorney in your corner, and the right accident lawyer in Florissant meets that requirement. The question is, how does the said lawyer help you with your car accident claim?

Knowledge of How to Negotiate

Getting some kind of compensation is one thing. Fair compensation is another matter entirely. The ability to negotiate is mandatory for Florissant car accident lawyers. Through aggressive representation, the idea is to get the responsible party to fully compensate you for all applicable damages.

Ideally, your car accident lawyer wants to achieve this before the case ends up at trial. Dealing with uninsured motorists can be especially tricky, but a dedicated attorney is your best bet.

Faster Compensation

You can seek compensation in the absence of a car accident lawyer. However, if you were injured, you likely can't pull this off until you have recovered sufficiently. Of course, you also don't have the extensive experience that a seasoned attorney would with traffic accidents.

Both these circumstances mean that you would have some trouble securing the maximum amount of compensation promptly following your accident.

Peace of Mind

Balancing your recovery with the need to handle the legalities of a settlement is a lot for one person to handle. With an experienced car accident lawyer providing legal representation, you need only worry about the recovery aspect of your situation.

Not only are you kept in the loop, but you are also receiving counsel every step of the way to ensure that you are not weakening your case. Just remember to communicate every important detail. If you were partially at fault because of distracted driving, you need to say so. Car accident lawyers are most successful when they have all the relevant information.


Being involved in an accident is never easy. Long-term injuries are always a possibility and they can have potentially life-changing implications. A Florissant car accident lawyer is properly equipped to provide you with the legal representation you need to get the compensation you deserve.

Powell Law Firm is willing to offer you a free case review with one of the top car accident lawyers in Florissant, St. Louis, Mo. All you need to do is request the said free consultation by calling (314) 470-1374.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Comparative Fault Mean?

You may hear that Missouri happens to be a state of comparative fault. This is one of the biggest reasons that determining fault is so important. Essentially, you are entitled to compensation only as much as the other party is negligent. If your own reckless driving is partially to blame, then your settlement offers are akin to partial compensation.

What if I Feel Fine After a Car Accident?

Never assume that all is well after an MO car accident. You may be dealing with a situation you can't immediately see or feel, such as internal bleeding. That's why one of your top priorities following a motor vehicle accident is to seek medical care as soon as possible. Doing so also strengthens your case with the relevant documentation.

What if the Negligent Driver's Insurance Company Offers Me a Good Settlement?

Your car accident law firm will tell you never to accept the insurance company's initial settlement offer. That's because the intention is to bar you from getting what you are owed later on. The best way to deal with insurance companies immediately after an accident lawyer is to communicate that you are not willing to speak without your attorney present.

Will My Case Still Be Taken if I Can't Afford the Attorney?

A legal case involving a car accident never needs to be thought of in this way. A contingency basis is a staple of cases involving car accidents. What this means is that there is no requirement to pay legal fees until you have won your case. Once that happens, your fees are calculated as a percentage of your settlement.