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Does Insurance Pay If You’re At Fault?

One of the most stressful things that may happen to someone along the road is getting involved in a car accident. The stress adds up when the accident was your fault. Will your car insurance company cover all the expenses caused?

The next thing you should do will depend on the state you live in, the fault degree, and the car insurance policy. But a car accident lawyer can help you when you are at fault in an accident.

Most at-fault drivers think that they are not entitled to ask for car accident claims. But that is not always the case. An attorney plays an important role in these situations. This is because they will advise the at-fault driver with their strategies to file for a claim.

What Will Happen if You are the At-Fault Driver?

What Will Happen if You are the At-Fault Driver?

The state a driver lives in will affect how the car accident will be handled. When it comes to handling car mishaps, there will be two types of states: the no-fault states and the fault states.

As you may now have an idea, in fault states, the driver who caused the accident will be held liable for all the costs and damages if anyone has been injured. On the other hand, in no-fault states, the car insurance company of the two parties will automatically cover the costs and damages caused.

But most states are recognized as at-fault. If someone lives in fault states, you, as the at-fault driver, will cover all the expenses. This also means that your car insurance company will also pay the damages covered by their policy. The damages that are not covered by your car insurance company will be covered by you.

What Damages are Covered if You Cause a Car Accident?

Different car insurance companies follow a unique set of policies. Thus, the costs you will pay will depend on the policies of your car insurance company. In most cases, a lot of car insurance companies cover the following damages:

  • Suffering and pain damages

  • Loss of income

  • Car damages

  • Prescribed medicines

  • Various treatment costs and medical bills

In most cases, you don’t need to pay for the aforementioned damages by yourself. Well, you will be required if the damages already exceed the policy limits of your auto insurance company.

If the other driver filed a legal case to the court against you to gain more money than what your insurance company will cover, you would be held responsible for paying the extra costs caused by the accident.

Well, this situation usually happens in extreme car accidents, including those that result in death or serious bodily injuries and property damages. In situations like these, it is always ideal to hire a car accident attorney.

Generally, your car insurance provider will create a settlement with the other driver. When this happens, both parties will agree that no one will file a case to the court.

What About the Damages to Your Vehicle

What About the Damages to Your Vehicle

As mentioned earlier, your car insurance company will cover all the damages you caused to the other driver. In that case, you might be wondering who will pay for the damages to your car.

If your car insurance company covers a purchased collision policy, your insurer will pay all the damages that your vehicle got from the mishap. On the other hand, you are still responsible for paying the money you are required to pay before the company covers your damages.

For instance, you have a deductible of 500 US Dollars and your car damage worth 2,000 US Dollars, you will be the one who will pay the 500 US Dollars and the rest will be covered by your car insurance company.


It is stressful to deal with lots of questioning and processes when you get into an accident, especially when you are at fault. In that case, it would be great to hire a lawyer. Visit this page to learn more about how Powell Law Firm could help you.

Hiring an attorney is essential to protect yourself against the possible overcharges of the other driver. But despite whether you are at fault or the injured driver, your car insurance company will cover the damages as long as they are covered by your car insurance policy. When the costs limit the insurer’s policy, you will personally pay the damages.