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Can You Get Compensation If the Accident Wasn't Your Fault?

Vehicle accidents can be some of the most traumatizing events that can happen to a person. Dealing with injuries and vehicle damage usually takes up all of your energy, and you often do not have the capacity or the time to deal with insurance companies and seek the compensation you are entitled to.

In such cases, calling up an experienced lawyer is the way to go. They can help the injured party figure out how to get the money they are due from insurance companies. With their help, it is indeed possible to get the money you deserve if the accident was not your fault.

Right After the Accident

Right After the Accident

To be able to get compensation for an accident that was not a particular party’s fault, that party will need a police report that will state exactly that. Thus, they will have to contact the police as soon as the accident occurs if they are able to do so.

If the accident is severe and the parties are injured, the police will be called to the scene anyway.

The presence of the police is necessary because their report is what will help hold the responsible party accountable. The injured party needs to remember one more thing. No matter how minor or small their injuries or the damage to the car might be, most of the time, it is not smart to settle things without the police. That is the easiest way to get scammed out of compensation money, and not much can be done afterward.

Calling the police gives everyone involved the chance at a fair resolution. The officers will take statements, survey the scene, and write up a report about what happened and who was at fault. That report is what you will need to give to your lawyer when they start pursuing the money.

Which Insurance Company to Call?

Upon an accident that was not your fault, you might start wondering which insurance company to call. Should it be your own or the company of the person who caused the accident?

Generally speaking, it is best to call your own insurance company first. That will uncover what type of coverage you have and whether you can get compensation for the damage the accident caused.

The insurance company will check the police report and get the responsible party’s insurer to pay for any damage or injuries. If the responsible party has no insurance, the company will have to pay on its own, as most offer uninsured motorist coverage. Thus, the injured party will be able to get compensation either way.

A Great Lawyer Is Necessary

However, it is essential to have an experienced lawyer at hand to handle all insurance negotiations. Insurance companies look out for themselves first, and it is in their interest to part with as little money as possible. So, they will try to come out the other side having paid only the bare minimum.

An excellent vehicle accident lawyer can help the injured party navigate all of that. They are used to working with insurance companies, and they know exactly what they can do to win any case. What’s more, they can form a clear account of what happened and figure out exactly how much money you deserve.

Then, the lawyer can fight on your behalf and make sure the company treats you fairly. Naturally, your attorney will always have your best interest at heart, which is not the case with the insurer. With a lawyer, the chances of getting better compensation increase several times over.

And while the lawyer handles everything, you will be able to rest and recover. You won’t have to worry about negotiating or getting fair treatment—even in the stages of a lawsuit. The lawyer will do everything in their power to represent you well. Meanwhile, you will get compensation without any fuss or further suffering. But first, find out more details like in a certain situation such as what lawyers look for in a truck accident.

To Sum Up

Vehicle accidents can be a lot to handle. That is especially the case if they involve both damage to the vehicle itself and injury to the participants. In cases where a party wants to get due compensation in an accident that was not their fault, contacting truck accident attorneys in St Louis MO is essential. The lawyer will ensure that the party gets the respect and money they deserve.

So, if you have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, give Powell Law Firm a call and request a free consultation to get started.

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