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City Museum: Where Imagination and Architecture Converge in St. Louis

Nestled in the heart of St. Louis, Missouri, the City Museum is a captivating testament to creativity, imagination, and architectural innovation. This unconventional attraction, often described as a "playground for all ages," seamlessly blends art, architecture, and interactive exhibits to create a truly unique and immersive experience. Since its inception, the City Museum has become a beloved icon in St. Louis, drawing visitors from afar to explore its whimsical and fantastical landscapes. Learn information about St. Louis, MO.

A Playground of Architectural Wonders

The City Museum is a living embodiment of its founder, the late artist Bob Cassilly's vision. Housed within the confines of a former shoe factory, the museum's sprawling 600,000 square feet of space are filled with an astonishing array of repurposed materials, salvaged architectural elements, and found objects. Cassilly's mission was to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, and his legacy lives on through the museum's labyrinthine network of tunnels, slides, and mazes, all of which encourage visitors to explore and interact with the exhibits in unconventional ways. Discover facts about St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station: A Gateway to Aquatic Wonders.

An Artistic Wonderland

At its core, the City Museum celebrates art in its most dynamic and interactive forms. Sculptures crafted from reclaimed materials adorn every corner, from towering installations that scrape the ceiling to intricate pieces that invite closer inspection. The museum's commitment to showcasing the work of local artists adds a vibrant and ever-changing dimension to its landscape, ensuring that every visit yields discoveries and inspiration.

From Caves to Rooftop Adventures

One of the City Museum's most enchanting features is its underground cave system, with twisting passageways, unexpected chambers, and hidden treasures. This subterranean world is a favorite among children and adults, offering an enchanting journey through winding tunnels that connect to slides, allowing visitors to emerge on different museum floors. The rooftop, an equally captivating space, features a mini golf course, a giant praying mantis sculpture, and breathtaking city skyline views.

Imagination at Play

While the City Museum boasts an array of physical attractions, its essence lies in encouraging unbridled imagination. Visitors are encouraged to climb, crawl, and explore the exhibits with a childlike sense of wonder. The "MonstroCity" exhibit, a towering jungle gym crafted from reclaimed materials, epitomizes this philosophy, inviting guests to clamber over bridges and scale towers and take daring slides down to the ground floor. This emphasis on exploration and creativity fosters an atmosphere where visitors of all ages can break free from conventional expectations and revel in uninhibited play.

Education and Community Engagement

Beyond its role as an entertaining playground, the City Museum takes its educational responsibility seriously. Interactive workshops, classes, and programs designed to stimulate creativity and critical thinking are regularly offered. The museum's dedication to community engagement is evident in its partnerships with local schools and organizations, ensuring it remains a space that fosters learning and a sense of belonging.

Special Events and Celebrations

The City Museum's allure extends to its various special events and celebrations annually. From themed parties to artistic installations, the museum's calendar is as eclectic and vibrant as its exhibits. Annual events like the New Year's Eve celebration and the "Not-So-Haunted House" Halloween event excite the museum's offerings.


The City Museum in St. Louis stands as a testament to the limitless potential of human creativity. Repurposing discarded materials into fantastical architectural wonders offers a space where play, art, and imagination intersect in delightful and unexpected ways. As visitors explore its labyrinthine passageways, ascend to its rooftop oasis, and interact with its interactive exhibits, they become part of a living masterpiece that encourages them to embrace their inner child, see the world through new eyes, and embrace the magic of artistic ingenuity.

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