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What Are the Chances of Dying on a Motorcycle

Statistically speaking, riding a motorcycle presents more of a risk than driving a car, bus, and other larger vehicles. Motorcyclists are more likely to crash and get injured, but what are the chances of dying on a motorcycle? Keep reading to find that out and discover how to reduce those chances.

Why Are Motorcycle Accidents More Likely?

Why Are Motorcycle Accidents More Likely?

First, let’s discuss why the chances of dying on a motorcycle are higher than with other means of transportation.

The biggest reason is that the driver is fully exposed to the environment. Unlike cars, buses, trucks, etc., a motorcycle doesn’t have a chassis that protects its driver. A car’s body, for example, shields the driver from the elements and is a better fit to soften the blow of a crash.

Motorcycle drivers don’t have this protection. In the event of an accident, they take almost the full force of the crash. Hence, the chances of dying on a motorcycle are higher than if they were inside a car.

Another reason why riding a motorcycle is more dangerous than driving larger vehicles is that a motorcycle is not as stable as they are. A bump or a slick road can more easily destabilize a bike than a car, for example. In those cases, the driver is more likely to fall off the bike and get seriously injured. This proves that motorcyclists aren't usually at fault.

Of course, there are some precautions drivers can take to reduce the risks of dying on a motorcycle (perhaps, you will also feel better about letting your friend borrow your motorcycle):

  • Wearing a helmet

  • Observing the speed limits

  • Not wearing earphones

Be Smart, Wear a Helmet

The most obvious thing motorcyclists can do to protect themselves is to wear a helmet.

According to the statistics, the most common cause of motorcycle deaths is an injury to the head or neck. While a helmet doesn’t eliminate the chances of dying in a crash, it can considerably improve the chances of surviving one.

Helmets soften the blow to the driver’s head in a crash, especially in high-speed accidents. Without it, they could hit the ground or another vehicle with their bare head, which is more likely to result in death.

Motorcycle drivers are more easily affected by bad weather and are generally more vulnerable to crashes, so putting on a helmet before going out the driveway could be the question of life and death.

Some states help with this issue by having mandates regarding wearing helmets. Although this mandate doesn’t guarantee that everyone will wear one, it certainly increases the number of people that do, which is a great thing.

Mind the Speed

Yes, getting on a bike and pushing the engine to the limit is very tempting and no doubt thrilling. However, as the saying goes: “Speed kills,” so be careful.

By following the speed limit, drivers can reduce the chances of dying on a motorcycle. Firstly, they increase their reaction time. This means that they have more time to react to a vehicle braking in front of them, or something getting on the road. For example, if someone suddenly hits the brakes in front of the bike driver, they would have a limited time to do the same. However, this reaction time becomes even more limited if they drive at high speed.

What high speed also does is make the motorcycle unstable when turning suddenly. Imagine a dog running out on the road while a motorcyclist is driving at high speed. Apart from braking, they may instinctively make a sharp turn to avoid the animal, which can easily put the motorcycle out of balance and cause it to crash.

And last but not least, the faster someone drives, the more likely they are to sustain a stronger impact in the crash. High speed increases the chances of dying on a motorcycle, so always follow the speed limit, it’s there for a reason.

No Earphones!

People enjoy music in many of life’s situations, but there’s no place for it when driving a motorcycle. Just having an earphone in one ear decreases a rider's ability to hear anything around them. Furthermore, listening to music while on a motorcycle can almost completely drown out the sounds of the surrounding traffic, which may result in a terrible accident. So drivers should leave their earphones at home or at least keep them in their bag when going for a bike ride.

Legal Counsel

If your loved ones die in a motorcycle accident, and other people are responsible, you can be entitled to some damages or sue the ones responsible. In case you choose to seek compensation, Powell Law Firm provides an expert motorcycle accident attorney in dealing with the insurance companies, and also details all available options for compensation. They will help you with every legal issue there is.