• Kenneth Powell

Can I Talk To An Attorney For Free?

Facing a car accident case can be a challenging time for you. With that, you may need to hire a professional attorney that will represent you. Your case can be a long and stressful process. So, it is best to look for legal advice. Meanwhile, can you talk to an attorney for free? Read more to find out the answer.

Some people may fear hiring lawyers because of the service charge. Well, do you know that you can talk to an attorney for free? Yes, you can get legal advice from an attorney for free.

The following are some of the top sites where you can get free legal advice.

Ask A Lawyer Service

AVVO.com’s “Ask a Lawyer” service

You can post any question and receive free legal advice from different attorneys. Within 12 hours, your questions are usually answered.

FindLaw’s Legal Advice Subreddit

It is an active site wherein you can pose different legal questions on numerous legal issues.

FreeAdvice.com’s “Ask a Lawyer” service

It is a free service that allows you to pose questions publicly for lawyers to answer.

LawGuru’s “Ask a Legal Question”

You can receive free answers for your private or public legal questions coming from different attorneys in this service.

Reddit.com’s Legal Advice Subreddit

It is also an active site wherein you can input your concerns on different legal issues.

American Bar Association

The American Bar Association will direct you to your state’s list of resources.

The following are some options for people with low income:


You can get legal aid for veterans, military members, as well as their families with low income.


With this service, you can find free information, forms, and legal aid services/programs for your territory or state.

National Center for State Courts

By state, the NCSF service offers links to available legal aid programs.

Why should you prefer free legal advice?

Why should you prefer free legal advice?

If you don’t have enough money for your legal case, you can get legal advice from an attorney online. The following are some reasons why you should consider a free legal service.


Since the law is complex, it can be a hard time for you if you don’t know about the legal process. You can get a fast response from a professional attorney online.


You don’t have to worry since free online legal advice is trusted. You can ask questions from St Louis truck accident lawyers with confidence. You also have an assurance that your information and privacy are safe and protected.


Do you have legal questions about your case or starting your business? Then, you can rely on free legal advice from a reliable attorney.

24/7 free service

With online legal assistance, you can get a 24/7 service for your legal questions. You’re free to ask questions and concerns for every aspect of your case. With this, you can have an idea of how to handle your case.

Different areas of expertise

Another benefit of free legal advice is that it is available in various areas of expertise. You can get specific legal advice from your specific legal needs. You don’t need to spend more of your budget to get the best legal advice for your case.

Many clients are satisfied with the help of free online legal advice services. You can talk to an attorney for free anytime. Meanwhile, many attorneys can provide you with consultations for free, especially if you have been in an accident and want to file a claim. You can choose the one that has a good reputation in the industry. You can see the reviews about the quality of their service.

If you have high standards for your free legal advice needs, you can choose from the list we mentioned above. These are the top sites you can choose from to get the best legal service from a reliable attorney. If you need help negotiating with an insurance company, a personal injury attorney can come in handy.


Generally, it is possible to talk to an attorney for free. You can opt for the list we mentioned above. Facing a legal case can cause financial and emotional stress. Worry no more because you can get legal advice from an attorney for free. It is beneficial for you, especially if you don’t have enough money to pay for a professional legal service. Getting quality legal advice is not always expensive. Talk to a lawyer for free now!