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Amazing Day At Saint Louis Art Museum

If you plan a trip to St. Louis, Missouri, you may want to visit the Saint Louis Art Museum. This museum is the principal art museum in the United States, with a large collection of sculptures and paintings from all over the world. The building in Forest Park is home to an estimated half a million visitors each year. The museum also houses the Saint Louis School of Fine Arts. See more here.

One of the major U.S. art museums, the Saint Louis Art Museum, exhibits sculptures and paintings worldwide. The building stands in Forest Park in St. Louis, Missouri, and is visited by as many as half a million people each year. A museum of this caliber is worth visiting at least once, and the entire experience can be well worth your time and money. Read on for some things to do while visiting this famous art museum. Visit more about Citygarden Sculpture Park in St Louis Missouri.

As part of the St. Louis Art Museum's expansion in 2005, the new East Building will feature an array of contemporary art. While some of the pieces in the building have been locked away for decades, more than 50 galleries in the original building have been reinstalled. Featured artists in the new edition include Gerhard Richter, Andy Warhol, Mark Rothko, Kiki Smith, and Kerry James Marshall.

The Saint Louis Art Museum is the principal art museum in the U.S., and contains works of art from across the globe. The museum is located in the Forest Park neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri, and is visited by an estimated half a million people annually. The museum's collection includes everything from African masks to abstract paintings by Salvador Dali. Visitors may also enjoy performances by local bands and dancers, and the museum's onsite restaurant is a great spot to dine and drink.

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