• Kenneth Powell

What Are Pedestrian Injuries?

Pedestrian injuries are a significant problem, with around 30,000 pedestrian injuries occurring each year in the U.S. alone. While many of these injuries cause little or no damage and disappear after a week or so, you can prevent most of them from occurring in the first place with some simple planning and an awareness of your surroundings. Pedestrian injuries occur when people are struck by vehicles, and they usually involve the pedestrian having no way of avoiding the vehicle. One of the largest risk factors for pedestrian injuries is the pedestrian’s mental status.

Pedestrian injuries are on the rise, especially among children. The causes of this are unknown, but the number of pedestrians who are injured is also on the rise. The causes of these injuries, some of which are fatal, are usually due to the pedestrian suddenly stepping into the path of an oncoming vehicle or suddenly dropping something that suddenly comes into contact with the ground. The causes of the injuries are usually the pedestrian’s fault. Still, some of the cases are due to an injury that occurred on the part of the driver, causing the pedestrian to step into the path of the vehicle suddenly. So here are some of the pedestrian injuries:

Are you or someone you know getting tired of all the bicycle injuries? Are the bicycle injuries in the courts becoming too expensive for you to handle? It can be devastating when someone is injured by a bicycle or pedestrian accident. There are many different types of bicycle and pedestrian accidents that can cause injuries to the victims. These injuries may include bruises, broken bones, and other types of trauma.

Types of pedestrian injuries

Types of pedestrian injuries


Most people are aware that they are likely to suffer serious injury if they are hit by a car. They are not, however, aware that they are not the only victim. Pedestrians are often injured when they are hit by vehicles, too. When a pedestrian is struck, the force is so great that the bone in the body can break. This can lead to a fracture in the bone, which is known as a break in the bone. A broken bone can cause permanent damage if it occurs in the arm or leg or if it occurs in the skull or skull base region.


Amputations are injuries that can be caused by an accident to one’s limb due to a collision with the other vehicle, the bicycle, or from being hit by a projectile. Injuries from being hit by a bicycle or a car are sometimes classified as trauma injuries, while injuries from being hit by a projectile are classified as amputation injuries.

Soft tissue injury

There are different types of injuries that are at times considered injuries of the soft tissue. These include bruises, lacerations, sprains, tears, and dislocations. While many of these injuries will self-resolve with a slight medical intervention, still they inflict significant pain. Victims are often kept from engaging in their usual activities and work for a long time.

Emotional Trauma

Emotional trauma can affect a pedestrian for a lifetime. In fact, a pedestrian who suffers a pedestrian injury has a legal right to be compensated for the physical and emotional damages. The emotional damages can be as devastating as physical injuries. However, just as a person does not have the right to be compensated for physical injuries, a pedestrian does not have the right to be compensated for emotional trauma.

Injured Extremities

It’s never easy to deal with the loss of a loved one, but it’s particularly difficult when another driver kills that individual. When that driver was intoxicated, whether the accident was intentional or an accident due to negligence, it can be difficult to hold anyone accountable. It’s unfortunate how often pedestrian deaths happen each year.

The state of a pedestrian accident law firm in St Louis MO can be confusing and complex. When a motorist or bicyclist injures someone on the road, the first instinct of many is to file a lawsuit against the driver or rider. However, this can be a mistake. If the accident was the result of the driver’s negligence, then the driver may be held liable for the injuries. However, if the accident was not the driver’s fault, the injured person may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit. If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident, you’ve probably been advised to seek a lawyer.